Restore Backup Data

Restore Backup Data

BDRSuite allows you to restore your backup data from the BDRSuite Backup Server using multiple recovery options. With the need for different recovery options for different scenarios, BDRSuite offers various types of restore such as:

Before choosing the type of restore the following are listed;
  • Restore Report: Click on the restore report icon and If already a restore has been performed the report for the same will be available, Else, after the first time restore is complete the report will be available here.
  • Persistent Boot delete - Persistent data can be restored using restore options if needed. The Persistent data is indicated with a (+P) sign alongside time-stamps of backup versions. Such persistent data can be deleted using the 'Persistent boot delete' option. The option lets you choose the time-stamp of persistent data to be deleted. Confirm the deletion by selecting the check-box 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected version related persistent boot data from the repository location permanently?’ to proceed with the deletion process. 

Information Note: Deleting persistent data process is not permitted when the backup is virtually mounted 

  • Delete - There are two types of delete available on the restore page:
    • Delete - Delete the backup entry and data from the server  
    • Full Backup Delete - Delete the latest full backup
  • Offsite Replication