Manage BDRSuite Virtual Drive

Manage BDRSuite Virtual Drive

BDRSuite Virtual Drive is an exclusive feature of the BDRSuite Backup Server, that allows instant access to the backup data. With the help of the VembuHIVE file system, BDRSuite Virtual Drive stores the backup data in a neutral format. Then the backup data is virtually mounted, this allows instant access to the backup data.

BDRSuite Virtual Drive mounts your backup data in the following file format types for any image-based backups

  • VHD
  • VMDK
  • VHDX
  • VMDK-Flat
  • RAW image files

These files can be used based on your requirements. For example, a VHD file can be mounted in Hyper-V or a VMDK file can be mounted in an ESXi server or a RAW image file can be mounted in KVM to create a virtual machine. VHD files can be mounted in disk management to access file-level backup data.

Manage BDRSuite Virtual Drive (NFS Share)

  • Go to the Management tab, select and choose the Virtual Drive option. This page lists all the image-based backups stored in the BDRSuite Backup Server. You can virtually mount any backup data which you wish to instant access. 
  • To virtual mount backup data, click the Mount option alongside a specific backup job to be accessed.
  • You can access the backup data by viewing BDRSuite VirtualDrive displayed on My Computer. Once done with the requirement, unmount data by selecting the Unmount option.

Enable NFS Service on BDRSuite Virtual Drive

  • BDRSuite Virtual Drive can be shared within a network area by enabling NFS service on BDRSuite Virtual Drive.
  • NFS service for BDRSuite Virtual Drive is available on both Linux and Windows servers.


Note: For enabling the NFS feature in Linux servers, it is necessary to have the NFS Kernel server installed in the backup server machine. You can install NFS Service by using the "apt-get install nfs-kernel-server" command. You need to run BDRSuite with root/administrator privileges to save NFS settings

  • NFS share service allows you to add BDRSuite VirtualDrive as an NFS datastore in ESXi servers.


Note: Before enabling NFS service in BDRSuite Virtual Drive, make sure Microsoft or other third party NFS services are disabled for uninterrupted service