Step 3: Files/Folders Selection

Step 3: Files/Folders Selection

You can configure the job level File(s)/Folder(s) selection for all the hosts configured in this backup job. You can also customize the files/folders selection for individual hosts if required. The Inclusion/Exclusion settings can only be applied at the job level to all the hosts configured in this backup job.

Click on the File/Folder Selection and Exclusion tab. Choose the File/Folder you want to backup or you can add the path to the File/Folder location in the machine. 

Click on Next to select the files/folders type you wish to exclude from the backup. 

No Filter : Every file/folder selected will be backed up without any exclusion.

Standard Filter:  You will be given the option to include/exclude a particular file format and you can also choose to exclude all the subfolders.

Advanced Filter: Multiple advanced filters can be applied as per the options provided.

Information Note: Multiple such Advanced filters can be customized and applied.


Information Note: The inclusion/exclusion filter settings can only be applied globally to all the hosts configured in this backup job

Once you click on Apply, the selected file/folders with applied filter will be listed.