Add Microsoft Windows (Disk Image/Files & Folders Backup)

Add Microsoft Windows (Disk Image/Files & Folders  Backup)

When a Microsoft Windows server/workstation is added to the BDRSuite Backup server, a BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) is automatically or manually  installed in the target machine. In order for the agent to be installed, certain prerequisites are to be met by the Windows target machine. Check for the Prerequisite here, if already done then you can follow the below steps to add the Microsoft Windows server/workstation.

Procedure to add Microsoft Windows Server

  • You must add a Windows Server before you begin configuring the backup schedule. In the Data Sources tab choose 'Add Microsoft Windows(Disk Image Backup). You will be taken to a page where you will see a message stating 'No host added for backup' if you adding host for the first time. Click on 'Add Microsoft Windows'. 

Enter the required details.

Add Microsoft Windows Server by providing ‘Hostname/IP Address and its login credentials.

Information Note: You can add as many Windows Server host into the BDRSuite Backup Server whenever required   

IP Address/DNS Name

Enter the hostname or IP address of the hostname for which you have to proceed with the backup

The Hostname can be added using FQDN(Fully qualified domain name) ie., machine_name.domain_name. You can connect your host with BDRSuite Backup Server through the following combinations in the Hostname/IP Address section:

  • Hostname - Enter the Hostname alone
  • Hostname@Domain name - Enter the hostname followed by @ and domain name
  • Domain name/Hostname - Enter the domain name followed backslash (/) and the hostname
  • - Enter the IP address 

Information Note: If you have provided an invalid Hostname/IP address, the following alert message will be displayed “Unable to connect the remote Windows Machine. Please check network connection settings"


  • You can add new credentials or select existing credentials. Click here to read more.
  • User Name: Enter the username of the specific host
  • Password: The password of the host or IP Address

Port Number

  • 42005: Port used for communication between BDRSuite Integration Service and BDRSuite Backup Server
  • BDRSuite Backup Server communicates with the Microsoft Windows Server using the port that is set to 42005 as default. You can modify this port number as per your port number availability.

Install BBA

The BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) is a  mandatory component to be installed  in order to add and backup the Windows host. The BBA will be installed in the added target host. The following two options can be chosen.

  • Automatically install the BBA in the target host 

BDRSuite will automatically  install the BBA once you click on the Save option.

Information Note: Automatic installation of BBA is supported only the BDRSuite hosted/running on the Windows OS.

  • Download BBA and manually install it on the target host

Install the BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) manually and register it with the BDRSuite. Once registered , you can 'Rescan Host'  if BBA is reinstalled in any host.

Click on Save and confirm by choosing OK, proceed.

The Windows host will be added to the BDRSuite Backup Server if you had chosen automatic installation of BBA.

If you choose to manually download and install the BBA then you need to click on the register button to establish a connection between the added host and the BDRSuite Backup Server.

The following details can be edited in an already added Windows Server Host

  • You can select a different credential or add a new credential 
  • If you want to remove a particular Windows Server, click the Delete option. A pop-up window with the message "Are you sure, you want to delete the selected serveror host?" will appear. Click Yes, Delete.
  • The Rescan option installs the BDRSuite Integration Service agent automatically in the Windows Server host, which is mandatory to proceed with the backup. In the status column, you can view the current progress while you rescan.
  • The Agent information report gives you the stage-wise report of the agent installation, click the Reports icon to view the Machine Name, Version, Installed Time, Status, Remarks. Further, expand it to view the installation start and end time.
  • BDRSuite Backup Server pushes VIS - BDRSuite Integration Service onto the added target machine.
  • BDRSuite Integration Services: VIS acts as an agent in the target machine in which the data present in the machine has to be backed up. BDRSuite Integration Service reads the data from the added machine and lists the disks and drives in the BDRSuite Backup Server for backup.
  • If there is any problem while connecting BDRSuite Integration Services, read the KB article

Procedure to add Microsoft Windows Workstations

  • Steps for adding a Microsoft Windows Workstation to the BDRSuite Backup Server are similar to that of adding a Microsoft Windows Server.
  • Once the Host details are all added to the “ Add Windows Server/Workstation” page, follow the below steps.
  • In the ‘List of Added Windows Servers/Workstations’ page, the added Microsoft Windows Workstations will be listed.

If the added machine is of Windows Workstation then a pop-up message will appear asking you to install the BDRSuite Integration Service manually on the added Windows Workstation/ Desktop machine.

  • Download and Install the BDRSuite Integration Service manually in the target machine (added Workstation).
  • After installation of VIS, click on the ‘Sync Host’ in the ‘List of Added Windows Servers/Workstations’ page of the BDRSuite Backup Server, to establish a connection between the Backup Server and BDRSuite Integration Service installed in the target machine.