Credential Manager allows you to create, save, and manage user credentials when you add servers and physical machines. Credential Manager accumulates the records of the user credentials and allows communication with the respective backup infrastructure. There are no limitations on the number of credentials that can be added.

Credential Management page

From the Management tab select the Credentials option. The Credential Management page will be displayed. The following details will be available on this page:

  • Credential UserName
  • Credential Description
  • Last edited time
  • Edit - edit the given username/password/description combination in the  database, which can be used if you have changed the password

  • Click the Add Credentials option to create a new credential into the record. Provide the following:
  • User Name: the domain name or user name of the host or server that is to be added
  • Password: the specific password for the mentioned host or server that is to be added
  • Description: the text which acts as a hint or a possible description of the credential that is recorded in the database and could be used further for other possible credentials.