This feature allows you to create and manage multiple user profiles for different roles to access the BDRSuite web console. From the Backup Server tab navigate to Management , and click on the Users option.

Add Users & Assign Privileges 

Click on the Add User tab.

There are two types of user that you can add;

BDRSuite User

  • Username - Provide a username to be created.
  • Access privilege - By default, this is selected as Admin.
  • Password - Password for login
  • Confirm Password - Confirm password provided 


  • Select AD/LDAP Server - The already added AD/LDAP servers will be listed here and you can choose.
  • Select Domain - Select the Domain from where you want select the user.
  • Select User - All the existing AD/LDAP users under the selected domain will be listed and you can choose.
  • Select Access Privilege - Assign privilege to the selected user.

Once done providing the details, click Add User.

To the following page users will be added and  listed with the attributes such as; Username, Role, Accessed Groups, Access Privilege, Change Password and Delete User

You can delete a created user but will be required to provide the user password assigned.