Navigation: Backup Server-> Management->License

You must create a BDRSuite Portal Account to register your backup server with BDRSuite Portal. In the BDRSuite Portal, you can manage all your products and services. To know more about registering in BDRSuite Portal click here - Registering in BDRSuite Portal

License - Server Registration

From the BDRSuite Backup Server, you can register with BDRSuite Portal.

After the BDRSuite Portal account is created:

  • Login to the BDRSuite web console.
  • Go to the Management tab, select the License option.

Registration Steps

Click the Register with BDRSuite Portal option. 

Provide account credentials in the pop-up shown and click the Register option. 

License Management

Once you have registered, you can check the server registration by running a license check.