Add AWS Accounts

Add AWS Accounts

It is necessary to  Create & Attach a Policy to the User and set up Access Key ID & Secret access key as a prerequisite action to further proceed with adding the AWS Account. Click here if you haven't done the above else you can follow the steps given below.

Add AWS Account

You can add your AWS account for backup by clicking on Add AWS Backup option and then manage the account by editing the added details or deleting the account. All the AWS accounts you have added will be listed along with their Account Name, Authentication Type, and option to edit or delete the added account.

Depending on the AWS account you are trying to backup, you need to select the Authentication Type while adding the account to the BDRSuite Backup Server. 

To add the AWS Account;

  1. Log in to your BDRSuite Backup Server web console, choose AWS, and navigate to Backup -> Configure Backup -> Add your AWS Account to backup

  2. Enter the generated Name, Authentication type, Access key ID, and Secret Access Key. Click on Save’’ to add the domain and configure backup.

Once added, your AWS account will be listed as shown below.

Managing AWS Account

To edit the domain details, you can click on the Edit Account option and make the required changes in order to manage the added AWS Account.