BDRSuite v5.3 Publication2
Portal Registration

Portal Registration

You must create a BDRSuite Portal Account to register your BDRSuite Backup Server and Offsite DR Server with BDRSuite Portal. Through the BDRSuite Portal, you can buy/apply/manage licenses for all your BDRSuite products and services.

Creating a BDRSuite Portal Account

BDRSuite Portal is an all-in-one hub spot for managing your registered BDRSuite products and services where you can get started. To register in BDRSuite Portal, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the URL - and click the Sign Up option.
  • Provide the following details to create your account:
    • Company Name
    • First Name and Last Name
    • E-Mail
    • Contact Number
    • Country and State
  • Click the Sign Up option once you are done filling up the requested details.
  • A verification E-Mail will be sent to the registered E-Mail ID. Check your Inbox or your Spam folder, if not found in Inbox) for the verification E-Mail and click Verify my email address option. If the button doesn't work copy-paste the link given below the 'Verify' button in your browser.
  • You will be directed to a page with the registered E-Mail ID. You must create a password for your account. Enter the password of your choice and click Activate.
  • Your BDRSuite Portal account will be created successfully. Click log in to the BDRSuite Portal option and log in using the registered E-Mail ID and password.
  • You can view the BDRSuite Portal Dashboard, an image of the BDRSuite Portal Dashboard is displayed below.

Server Registration

Once your BDRSuite Portal account is created

  • Login to the BDRSuite Backup Server Web-Console.
  • Go to the Management tab and select the License option.

Registration Steps:

  • On the License Management page, click the Register option.
  • Provide the Email Address and Password in the pop-up shown and register for the trial. 
  • Once you have registered, you can check the Server Registration by selecting the Run License Check option.