BDRSuite v5.3 Publication2
Manage Backup Jobs

Manage Backup Jobs

The backup jobs once configured can be managed from the Actions corresponding to the particular backup job. You can perform the following actions.  


This option will suspend the backup and the job will not run until you select the same option again. You will be alerted in the pop-up window whether the backup is suspended or resumed.

Schedule Backup Now 

This option will trigger the backup process immediately irrespective of the backup schedule. Click the Schedule Now option and you can choose schedule an incremental or additional full backup.


You have the option of aborting a backup when it is in progress. You can abort the backup either from the Status Section in the List Jobs page or from the backup progress window.

  • Select the x mark in the status section to abort your backup schedule. From the Abort Backup pop-up window, click Yes.
  • You can abort your backup if not required, from the Abort (-) option available in the progress window. You will get a pop-up window, click OK to Abort your backup.


Reconfigure the entire backup job by changing

  • Exclusion Settings
  • Application-Aware Process
  • Schedule frequency
  • Additional Full Backup
  • Retention Count

You cannot edit the following:

  • Backup Encryption
  • Encryption Hint
  • Backup Job Name 


Schedule Details will list the schedule details of that particular backup job. From the List Jobs page, select the More option and click the View option. Click the Schedule Details, the details will be available as shown below.

  • Retention Configuration will list whether retention is enabled or not. Click the Retention Configurations option, it will list the Storage Pool details such as Storage pool name.
  • Advanced Configurations option will display details on Application-Aware Settings and Backup Encryption Settings. Application-Aware settings will list if Application-Aware is enabled or not, if enabled select the Click here option to view the Host(s) and VM(s) configured.
  • The Backup Encryption Settings will display if the backup encryption is enabled or not. If enabled the type of encryption (System Generated or Custom Password) will be displayed.
  • You can create a new backup job by selecting the Create New option. The pop-up window displayed below will be available.

Job Report

The backup job level report contains details about each and every schedule of the selected backup job.


Remove the backup job and the data associated with it. From the List Jobs page, select the More option and click the Delete option. You will get the pop-up displayed below. Click Yes to delete the backup job.