BDRSuite for Windows

BDRSuite for Windows

Backup your Windows servers and workstations using BDRSuite for Microsoft Windows. You can protect the entire disk or selected partitions of your Windows systems which include the OS, boot information, system settings, etc. This helps you perform Bare Metal restore when the hard drive crashes.

Information Note: Bare Metal Recovery is not supported for Linux Server 

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NoteBDRSuite for Windows allows parallel disk image backup processing.

The default concurrent limit (Backup Job Level) is 2 and the default concurrent limit (BDRSuite Backup Server Level) is 10. These default limits can be modified. Navigate to the Backup Tab-> Configure Backup Settings-> Concurrent Backups. Click here to learn more.

Depending on the limit numbers the Image/Disk level backups will process concurrently. Considering the default limits, the following example can be used to understand;

1 Backup Job includes 5 disks from 3 different hosts. Host A(2 Disks), Host B(1 Disk) and Host C (2 Disks)

Since the Backup Job Level limit is 2, we will process only 2 tasks per backup job. One disk in Host A(The other disk will remain in the wait/queue) and one disk in Host B will parallelly process. Host C will also remain in queue/wait. Once the one disk Host B completes, Host  C  will come into action. At the same time if  Host A's first disk completes ,then  Host A's 2nd disk and Host C first disk will begin to process. Now, once Host A completes its process, the Host C’s 2nd disk will begin to process.