Granular Recovery

With this option, users can now granularly select the Google Workspace items to recover.

User Mailbox Granular Recovery : This option helps the user to recover the following user mailbox items.

  • Recover Mailbox 

  • Recover Mails

  • Recover OneDrive Items

  • Recover Calendar Events 

  • Recover Contacts 

Choose the mailbox to restore

Restore Mailbox 

The entire data from the selected mailbox will be restored. Included Items: Mails, OneDrive, Calendar & Contacts.

Restore Mails

Restore all the Mail Folders or only selected Folder(s)/Mail(s)

Restore GoogleDrive

Restore the entire OneDrive or only selected folders and files

Restore Calendar Events

Restore the entire calendar or only the selected folder(s) and file(s)

Restore Contacts

Restore the entire contacts or only the selected Folder(s) or File(s)