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Configure VMware Replication

  • Vembu offers VMware Replication, a feature with which you can replicate your VMs and create an exact copy of the production VM on another vCenter Server/ESXi host. The VMs that are replicated to the target host will be synchronized with the VM that is present in the source ESXi host.

  • The target VMs are updated as only the changes that occur since the last backup in the source VM will be copied to the target VM. The changes that happen will be tracked by Vembu Changed Block Tracking Driver (CBT).

  • Through one replication job, you can replicate several VMs from the source to the target host. Even if your production VM goes down, you can immediately start your business operations by performing a failover to replicated VM.

  • From the VM Replication tab, select the VMware vSphere option.

There are seven steps involved in configuring a VMware Replication Job: