Configure Backup for VMware vSphere 

To create a new backup job on your backup server click Backup > Configure Backup > VMware vSphere and follow the on-screen instructions. This section explains the seven steps involved in configuring a VMware backup job.

Before creating a backup job for your VMware VMs, Kindly make sure;

  • The ESXi hosts on which the VMs are running are added to the production infrastructure of the Vembu BDR Backup server.

  • The VMware Backup proxy and backup repository are configured properly.

  • The backup repository has enough free space to store the backup data. 

  • You have configured the email notification to receive alerts on the backup on the job such as successful, missed, or failed backups.

  • To back up Microsoft SQL transaction logs, the recovery model must be set to Full or Bulk-logged recovery for required databases on Microsoft SQL Server VMs. If the recovery model is set to Simple, the transaction logs on Microsoft SQL Server VMs will not be detected and processed.

  • To back up Oracle transaction logs, the ARCHIVELOG must be turned on for required databases on Oracle VMs. If the ARCHIVELOG is turned off, the transaction logs on Oracle VMs will not be detected and processed.